Shower Re grout and Restoration

Shower Re-grout and Restoration

Shower Grout Restoration Service In Wellington
There’s nothing more comforting than a clean and elegant bathroom. Typically, the place that most people goes to after waking up is their shower; however, an old, dirty or messy shower does not provide the best motivation for your daily activities. At American Tile & Grout Cleaning we provide the best shower renovation service in Wellington and West Palm Beach when it comes to shower tile restoration and regrout. Contact us now and request a free quote for your shower regrout and restoration!

SAVE Money With Our Grout Restoration Process
You could have a brand new shower in Wellington, West Palm Beach or surroundings for a fraction of the cost of a new installation with our shower regrout and restoration service. We can regrout and recaulk it, and the process follows these steps:

First we are going to cut the old grout lines out.
Then we will install a brand new non mildew grout.
We will caulk every corner and around of the faucet.
Finally, a quality inspection is made to ensure customer satisfaction.
10 Years Warranty Included And More!
We are the shower restoration experts in Wellington and West Palm Beach. We guarantee our work will satisfy you and you won’t believe how good your shower will look. All this shower grout restoration process is dust free and also comes with 10 years warranty. Call us now at (561) 667-8873 or request a quote online and get 10% off.