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Tile & Grout Cleaning Service In West Palm Beach

Your kitchen and bathroom floors in West Palm Beach do experiment a lot of different wear. There might be pets running over them, babies crawling on them, little kids dropping food and playing, and who knows what else. The consequences of all this wear will be appreciated by your friends and family when they visit you.

It is very frustrating when while cleaning your home you discover that the kitchen grout kitchen, bathroom tile or other areas looks damaged, aged or dirty. But the most frustrating thing is trying to clean them without getting the results you want. if you manage to bring any brightness to it at all, it lasts but a couple of weeks and you’re right back at the beginning again! If what you want is a complete tile & grout clean, you must call  American Tile & Grout Cleaning, as we specialize in ending your frustration in West Palm Beach!

American Tile & Grout Cleaning Is Different

We are not a simple grout cleaning company in West Palm Beach. We restore and rejuvenate your grout at a fraction of the cost to regrout or completely replace your tile. Many companies in West Palm Beach promise to solve all of your dirty grout problems, but will charge you to do nothing more than a soft clean. It will look good for a short time, but soon dealing with the same old problems that you had before they took your money.

American Tile & Grout Cleaning solves all of your tile & grout problems in West Palm Beach. Not only do we deeply clean your tile, removing dirt and bacteria for a healthier floor, but we also restore your tile and grout to make them look like new. Our proprietary, non-toxic, eco-friendly solution brings out the luster and shine of your grout just like it was when it was first installed.

The protection to your grout will last for years and you will be proud of your beautiful kitchen and bathroom once again.

Tile Services Offered In West Palm Beach

  • – Regrouting
  • – Caulking or Recaulking
  • – Grout Cleaning
  • – Grout Sealing
  • – Grout Recoloring
  • – Mexican Tile Cleaning & Sealing

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